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University Archives - Student Organizations

Archiving Student Organizations

Hi!  I am Abra, the University Archivist.  Thanks for coming here.  It shows you have an interest in archiving your student organization's materials.  That's a really important thing to do and I am glad you're being proactive about it.  But you may still be unsure about what an archives actually is, and how to go about transferring material.  That's okay!  Hopefully I can help.  Please read through this guide for more information and contact me with any questions you may have.

Why Archiving Matters

There are several reasons why it is important to ensure that there is documentary evidence of your student organization in the University Archives.  Having a preserved record in the archives ensures a more inclusive narrative of institutional history.  It is evidence of your organization's impact on campus. The documents will provide an understanding for current and future students.  This is especially helpful if the organization goes dormant for a time and later either reforms or evolves from what it once was.  And you can also take comfort in knowing that your organization's legacy isn't lost to the internet abyss.  Saving things on social media and a shared cloud drive is not the same as archiving!

Things We Seek

  • Constitutions & By-Laws

  • Handbooks

  • Rosters

  • Statements

  • Event Flyers & Posters

  • Email & Print Communication

  • Newsletters/Zines/Publications

  • Photos

  • AV material

  • Websites

  • Small objects


Here are some resources to help you get a better understanding about archives.

This resource provides a good overview -

Society of American Archivists - What are Archives?

This is an excellent resource that provides guidance on how to form an ongoing relationship with your archives -

Project STAND - Student Activism Now Documented - Archiving Student Activism Toolkit

Here are some forms to help with the transfer process


Interested in archiving your student organization's materials?  Please do a survey of the types of material (physical and digital) your organization has and fill out this form.  I look forward to meeting with you and the organization!