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Guide to Resources for Data & Statistics

This guide will point you to databases and sites where you can find statistical reports and data sets.

General Sources

The CIA World FactBook
A quick source of country information--use their search function to quickly get to information on specific countries.

Gapminder promotes a fact-based worldview everyone can understand and produces free teaching resources based on reliable statistics. Gapminder is an independent Swedish foundation with no political, religious or economic affiliations.

NationMaster is a vast compilation of data from a variety of sources allowing for comparison between countries.

UNData  (for searching by keyword) or UNData Explorer (for browsing by topic)
"Provides a global centre for data on international trade, national accounts, energy, industry, environment, transport and demographic and social statistics gathered from many national and international source."

The United Nations Statistics Division 
Links to numerous public-access statistical databases.

World Bank Data Catalog
The official-source development data from the World Bank and other international agencies.

World Bank Open Data 
Free and open access to global development data