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ART 2470: Sculpture Clay, Handbuilding (Summer 2023)

This guide provides instructions and starting points for completing research in Professor Ritson's ceramics-focused sculpture course.

Cite Sources Using MLA 8th Edition

Citing Images in MLA Style

Citing an ARTstor Image (will also work with images from other databases)
Trevino, Jessa. "Tienda de Elizondo." 1993. ARTstor,
Citing an Image from a Book
Trevino, Jesse. "Tienda de Elizondo." 1993. Chicano/Chicana Art, edited by Gaspar Enriquez, U of Texas P, 2002, p. 323.
Citing an Image on the Internet (cite the page where the image is located)
Trevino, Jesse. "Tienda de Elizaondo." 1993. Amica Library,
In-text citations for images in databases or online should include the author's last name, as in (Trevino). If more than one image is cited in this way, cite using the author's last name and a title fragment, as in (Trevino, "Tienda").  For books, a page number should be added in these cases: (Trevino 323) or (Trevino, "Tienda" 323).