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Reserve Guidelines & Procedures

This page will assist you in preparing and submitting materials to be placed on library reserve.

How to Submit Materials for Reserve

Submitting a Reserve List - Faculty have several options for submitting reserves:

Option 1: Materials to be placed on reserve may be brought to the Circulation desk by the faculty member or a representative, together with complete written info including the following:  Course name & number, professor name(s), and length of time students may have reserves (2-hour, 1-day, 3-day, 3-week).

Option 2: A reserve list may be submitted via email at  The subject of the email should be "Reserve List for *course number* (i.e. Reserve List for ARTH 4426).  The email should include the followingCourse name & number, professor name(s), length of time students may have reserves (2-hour, 1-day, 3-day, 3-week), and a list of the items including titles and call #s.

Option 3: A reserve list may be created as a google doc/sheet and shared with Jen Sugars.  Feel free to use this template (create a copy on your own drive and rename it with your name and course, as the template is not editable). Don't forget to share the document with Jen once it is complete.

Option 4: A handwritten reserve form may be turned in.  You can download a copy of the form here.

If items on the list are not legible or if the book is not found on the shelf, the faculty member will be notified to make other arrangements..

*Circulation department staff are happy to pull any in-house items from the Library shelves for faculty requesting this service.  Note however that this may result in a delay in processing time.  Reserve materials and lists may be submitted at any time during the semester.

Reserve Lists for multiple courses:  Reserve materials for different courses must be submitted separately. It is important that all information on the sheets/docs/email be correct and complete.

Photocopying of excerpts:  Cost of photocopies will be borne by the faculty member or by the department. Photocopying of materials is the responsibility of faculty members or their representative. Photocopies would be best posted on your T-Learn page and password protected rather than printed and placed on reserve.  

Processing time:  Reserves are generally processed in the order received, however course textbooks will have priority processing.  Long reserve lists may take up to 2 weeks to process. Please submit early to ensure items are ready on time.  If you have an extensive list, you might want to consider asking to have your items placed in a Browsing Section.

 Browsing Sections:  If students will need to look through your reserve items to discover which titles they need, you may request a Reserve Browsing Section. This is an area set apart behind the circulation desk, color coded specifically for your items.

Removal of reserve items:  All materials will be taken off reserve at the end of each semester unless otherwise indicated. Library items will be returned to the stacks; photocopies of articles and personal materials will be returned to faculty departments.

What May Be Placed On Reserve?

  • Original items: original (purchased) copies of a work, or instructors' unpublished drafts or notes
  • Library-owned books and media
  • Copyright-compliant reproductions:  photocopies for which copyright permission has been obtained or for which "fair use" may be claimed
  • Media (video and sound recordings), either original retail versions or copyright-compliant reproductions

What May Not Be Placed on Reserve?

  • Reference Books
  • Periodicals (current or bound) owned by the Library
  • Photocopies, scans, or streams which do not meet our copyright compliance guidelines
  • Interlibrary loan materials
  • Rental materials

This statement was taken from the Library Policy Statement on Reserve Desk Guidelines, LIB-29. The Library will comply with United States copyright law when placing items on reserve. Please refer to Policy Statement LIB-28 for a brief summary of copyright law.

Electronic Forms

Copyright Information

Information on University policies governing copyright compliance: