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LaTeX for Manuscripts and Texts

Try It!

For this example, you will be using the lettrine and reledmac packages. These packages are available in Overleaf and MikTeX. In MikTeX you may be prompted to install the packages once you compile the document.  The lettrine package allows you to include a variety of dropped capital letters into your document. The reledmac package is used for typesetting scholarly critical editions and supports indexing by page and line numbers.  You can simply copy and paste the contents of the text file into the editor in Overleaf or TeXworks. Details about how to use each package can be found at the official package sites for reledmac and lettrine. Reledmac source code and results examples can be found on the reledmac examples page

For the walk-through example below, we will be copying and pasting the text file into the editor.

1) Open the file latex-sample1.txt available above.

2) The file should open in a browser, but  you can save and open the file in a text editor like notepad on your computer.

3) Highlight and copy everything you see in the file (Ctrl-C or Command-C)

4) In Overleaf, create a new Project and name it. Next, create and name a new .tex file. You can name it latex-sample1.tex or whatever you would like it to be called. If you are using TeXworks, create a new file and choose Save As to name and save it.

5) Paste the contents into the editor (Ctrl-V or Command-V).

6) In Overleaf select the green Recompile button to see the results. In TeXworks, click the Play button to compile the file. You may be prompted to install the lettrine and reledmac packages.

7) You should see something that looks like what is in the pdf file below which includes special lettering and line numbers in the left margin.