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LaTeX for Manuscripts and Texts

Installing MikTex

To work with LaTeX on your local computer, you can download and install an open source program called MikTeX. MikTeX can be installed on Windows, Mac and Linux machines. It is recommended that you download the "Installer" version as this will walk you through the installation step by step. The Windows download file is approximately 128MB and the Mac file is approximately 58MB.

1) Navigate to the MikTeX downloads page and select your operating system from the tabs.

2) Click the Download button.

Download tabs for installing MikTeX on different operating systems

3) Once the file has downloaded, open it to start the installation wizard.

4) For a step by step tutorial on setting up the installation, please consult the following tutorials:

*Note for both Windows and Mac, it is recommended that you set up a private installation (only for you) when prompted in the Wizard setup.

5) Once the installation is complete, you may want to check for updates.

6)  This process will install the MikTeX console, which you can use to check for updates, upload new packages and change settings, if needed.

7a) From here you can open the TeXworks editor, which is where you will do your work. 

MikTeX console with Texworks icon highlighted

7b) You can also open the TeXworks editor from your apps list or by searching for it.

Search for TeXworks using Windows Search

8) Depending on how you configured your installation, if you call a package that is not installed, you may be prompted to install it before your document can be compiled.

Prompt for new package installation


If you need a more robust editor with additional features, after you have installed MikTeX, you can also install TeXstudio which is an open source editor available for a variety of operating systems. Visit TeXstudio to learn more and download it.