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ARTH 3314: Issues in Contemporary Art

This guide gives starting points for conducting research in the Issues in Contemporary Art course.

Paper and Slide Presentation Assignment

Research Assignment: Paper + Slide Presentation

Instructions: Write a research paper and compose a corresponding slide presentation on an artist associated with the Feminist Art Movement.

Research Paper Specifications

  1. Topic: Select an artist from the list at the end of this assignment sheet.

  2. Paper Specifications: 1,500 words (6 pages, double spaced) minimum.

  3. Include at least six sources cited MLA style at the end of the paper. 

  4. MLA in-text citations should be included in the body of the essay.

  5. Proof the paper to invite a better understanding of the topic and employ proper grammar.

Research Paper Content

  1. Refer to the LibGuide linked below for resources from which you may gather information on your chosen topic. Note: published dates/rubrics on the Libguide “Get Started” page are inaccurate. Refer to this assignment sheet for rubric.

  2. Conduct research. Begin with the libGuide resources 

    1. Find Books

    2. Find Images

    3. Find Internet Resources

  3. Compose a research paper to include the following information

    1. Biography information (birth date, birth location, education / training, and notable professional accomplishments).

    2. Introduce a particular series or work of art by the artist.

      1. Provide a description of the work.

      2. State the relative dates and media the work is composed of.

      3. Provide context (where it was presented, who or for what purpose was it made, etc.).

    3. Give an analysis of the work (choose two or more of the approaches outlined below)

      1. Discuss the formal qualities (composition) of the work.

      2. Compare and/or contrast it to other work examples (by your chosen artist or a contemporary).

      3. Discuss the work as it relates to the ideals of the artist and/or the greater Feminist movement.

    4. Evaluate the strengths or weaknesses of the work according to Art Historian, Arlene Raven’s criteria for an artwork to be considered as Feminist Art (according to its function).

      1. To what extent does it raise consciousness?

      2. Does it invite dialogue?

      3. What is its potential to transform culture?

    5. Conclusion

    6. Source Citation Page (MLA style). Refer to libGuide for help.

      1. Cite Sources


Slide Presentation Specifications

After you have completed and submitted your Research Paper, compose a PowerPoint presentation based upon your paper.

  1. Include exactly 10 high quality images

    1. Artist

    2. Works

    3. Related imagery in support of topic 

  2. Each slide should have a title

  3. One image per slide unless you are making a comparison or contrasting two images.

  4. Include text from your essay in the “Notes” section of each slide, showing which part of the essay you will present along with the slide’s image. 

  5. Include in-text citations (MLA) in the notes section. (Cite Sources)

  6. Source Citations Slide: A dedicated slide is to be included at the end with the bibliography of complete citations (MLA) for any sources included in the notes. 

(Cite Sources)

  1. Works Cited Slide: The presentation should conclude with a Works Cited page with a chronological list of image citations (MLA). (Cite Sources)


Research paper due Wednesday, November 29th. 


Slide Presentations due on day of Final Exam.

Upload to the shared Google Folder before the Final Exam period. 

Present to the class 12:00-3:00pm, Wednesday, December 13th.