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HIST 4420: Global Food History

Resource guide for HIST 4420.

Tips & Techniques for Finding Primary Sources

Like any online search, it's important to use the right keywords when searching for primary sources. While "primary sources" is the term that we use in class, it is often not the term used on the websites where libraries and museums share their digitized items. 

Other search terms to try might include: 

exhibition archives papers  "finding aid"
"digital exhibit" "special collections" manuscripts            "teacher's kit"
"digital collection" library records "research guide"
"primary sources"  museum collection "primary sources"

You might also find it helpful to search for specific formats. This can be particularly helpful when doing an image search.

"account ledgers" film, video memoirs  "press releases"       
advertisements "financial records" menus prints
"archival footage"      "government publications" "military orders"         records  
audio handbooks, manuals newspapers reports
clippings invitations "oral histories" scrapbooks
correspondence "lab notebooks" pamphlets sermons
diaries "legal records" paintings speeches
deeds legislation photographs telegraphs
ephemera letters polls tickets
"field notes" maps posters wills

Adapted from Robin M. Katz, "How to Google for Primary Sources." 

Online Primary Sources

Local Archival Repositories

And heading out a little farther...