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HIST 1370: African-American Experience

HIST 1370 Assignment

Dr. Latimore will divide your class into two groups, one defending the institution of slavery and the other attacking it. Each member of the group will prepare a 6-8 page “brief” including 10 primary sources, 7 of which must be cited in the brief.

As you search for sources, think of yourself as a U.S. citizen living from about 1850 to 1861. Accordingly, look for sources that were written during or before this time. Use date limiters to exclude results after 1861. 

You don't need to consult every resource on this guide, but you should draw your evidence from a variety of sources. Search multiple databases to see how coverage differs between them, and look for different kinds of primary sources.

Writing an Annotation

An analytical annotation explains the value of a source to your paper. By writing one, you and your reader will better understand how sources shape your argument. Some components of a typical annotation are given below. You needn't include every one of them. Instead, apply those criteria which help you analyze the document under review. 

  1. a correctly formatted citation

  2. a brief description or summary of the resource

  3. a brief analysis of its thesis, argument, or focus

  4. the context in which the document was created

  5. a review of the author's credentials

  6. a prediction or description of the text's intended audience

  7. insights derived from the document or a brief description of the way you plan to use it