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CLAS 1307: Gender and Identity in the Ancient World

The guide includes sources to help researchers as they begin or continue their work in Dr. Schulz's course.

Library Reference Sources Online

Print Reference Sources

The following encyclopedias, dictionaries, and handbooks are available in the reference collection on the third floor of the library. 

Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World.  REF Atlas Cases G 1033 B37 2000

Brill's New Pauly. Encyclopedia of the Ancient World.  REF DE 5 P33213

Cambridge Dictionary of Classical Civilization. REF DE 5 C28 2006

Dictionary of Classical Mythology.  REF BL 715 G713 1986

Dictionary of Classical Mythology: Symbols, Attributes, and Associations. REF BL 715 B44 1982

Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography. 2 vols. REF DE 25 S67 2006

Encyclopedia of the Ancient Greek World. REF DF 16 S23 1995

Greek and Egyptian Mythologies. REF BL 782 D47713 1992

Oxford Classical Dictionary. 3rd ed. REF DE 5 O9 1996

Who's Who in the Greek World. REF DE 7 H39 2000

Reference Sources on the Internet