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FYE: Inventing Mexico

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From your course syllabus: 

"Inventing Mexico will offer students the opportunity to explore Mexico and learn about its diverse peoples, including persons of Mexican descent who live abroad.

We will examine key aspects of Mexican history, geography, and culture, including issues of nationality, class, race, gender, and politics. Through a combination of lectures, readings, and writing assignments, we will investigate the forces that have shaped Mexico and created a wide range of Mexican identities, both inside and outside the country’s borders, including in San Antonio.

Our approach to understanding Mexico and Mexicans will include ways they have been represented in literature, film, and other cultural artifacts.

Through this exploration, students will discover the internal complexities of Mexico as a nation and the varied ways of being Mexican that have emerged at different times and in different places. The course will give students a firm grounding in key aspects of Mexican culture and serve as a gateway to further the study of Mexico, other Latin American countries, and Latinas/os in the United States."