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Exhibit Policy

Coates Library Exhibits Policy


Library exhibits are held to promote the library and its resources, contribute to the discussion of important issues or events by the campus community, or promote the educational activities of campus organizations.

Library exhibits may not promote commercial, unbalanced or partisan points of view. They may not denigrate cultures, political or religious beliefs, specific groups or individuals. Various points of view should be included when appropriate. However, we recognize that some educational presentations of topics or materials may generate controversy, and this is acceptable in most cases.


Requests for a library exhibit should be made by completing our Library Exhibit Request Form. Requestors should allow sufficient time for the proposed exhibit to be reviewed, approved, and appropriate space identified for the materials.

Exhibit requests may be made by any faculty member, department or organization at Trinity University or by a Trinity student or an unaffiliated individual or organization whose request is sponsored by a Trinity faculty member, department, or organization.


Requests will normally be reviewed and approved or denied within one to two weeks. The library reserves the right to refuse any exhibit request. Requestors will be notified of the library's decision and, if the exhibit is approved, assigned a library liaison with whom to work.


The preparation, installation, and removal of the exhibit is the responsibility of the exhibitor.

Exhibits should include not only library materials, art objects, etc., but also signage and other appropriate identification of the exhibit's purpose and exhibitor, including contact information for the exhibitor. The production and cost for these additional materials will be the responsibility of the exhibitor.

Library staff will provide guidance in displaying the materials. Limited display stands and similar items may be used for some displays, if available.

Materials will normally be exhibited for two to four weeks. The exhibitor should make any special requests for length of the exhibit on the request form, and the library will decide how long the exhibit may stay up.

The exhibit must not damage library walls, ceilings, floors, and other facilities, nor shall it impede normal library activities or pedestrian safety.

Library materials that are included in the exhibit may normally be used in house or circulated to users as needed.


The library cannot guarantee the security of items in an exhibit; the exhibitor accepts all potential risks to materials not owned by the library. Especially valuable items are not recommended for exhibit.