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FYE: Climate Changed

Reading Journal Articles

Here are some tips to help you approach your reading:

  • Start with reading the abstract
    • This section will give you a general idea about what the article is about
    • If you don't know what a word means, look it up
  • Jump to the conclusion/discussion
    • This section will give you a broad overview of what they found and what they think it means
  • Read the introduction
    • This section will expand upon why the research was done and provide a variety of relevant references
  • If you like the article:
    • Use the references section to find more similar articles and resources!

For a more detailed understanding of the research:

  • Look and think about the figures and charts
    • Do the figures back up the claims made in the conclusion?  Are there any issues?
  • Read the results and methods
    • Think about whether the figures match with the results and whether the claims in the conclusion are backed up by the evidence presented.