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Children's and Young Adult Literature

The Textbook Collection is located on the 2nd floor of the library with the Children's and Young Adult Books collection.  They are identified by the location symbol EMT (Educational Materials Textbooks) before the call number and by yellow tape on the spine of the book. (Grade level is indicated in parentheses.) The collection does not include the most recently TEA-approved textbooks; for a comprehensive collection, consider visiting UT's K-12 Textbook Collection.

The books in this collection are arranged on the shelf according to the following classification numbers.

N 5300                                                              (elementary)

NC 730                                                              (high school)


HF 730                                                               General (high school)

FOREIGN LANGUAGES                                                                     

PA 2087                                                            Latin

PC 2111                                                             French

PC 4111                                                             Spanish

PF 3129                                                             German

HEALTH EDUCATION                             

QP 37.1                                                              (elementary) (includes physical education)

QP 37.2                                                              (high school) (includes physical education)

LANGUAGE ARTS                                                                       

PE 1111                                                             Language/grammar/composition (elementary)

PE 1112                                                             Language arts (high school)

PE 1113                                                             Language/composition (high school)

PE 1116                                                             Handwriting

PE 1145                                                             Spelling

PN 59                                                                 Literature (American, English, World)

PN 1701                                                             Theatre Arts/Drama

PN 4091                                                             Speech/Public Speaking

PN 4091.1                                                          Debate

PN 4788                                                             Journalism


QA 135                                                               (elementary)

QA 141                                                              General (high school)

QA 152.2                                                           Algebra (Pre/I/II)

QA 303                                                              Calculus

QA 531                                                              Trigonometry

QA 551                                                              Geometry


MT 930                                                             (elementary)

MT 930.1                                                          Choral (high school)


Q 181                                                                 (elementary)

Q 181.1                                                              Physical science (elementary)

Q 181.2                                                              Physical science (high school)

Q 181.3                                                              Earth science (elementary)

Q 181.4                                                              Earth science (high school)

QA 76                                                                Computer Science

QC 23                                                                Physics

QD 33                                                                Chemistry

QE 28                                                                 Geology

QH308.1                                                            Biology I/II/Life science (junior high)

QH 308.2                                                           Biology I/II/Life science (high school)

QH 541.2                                                           Environmental science

QP 37.5                                                              Anatomy and physiology

SOCIAL SCIENCES                                    

BF 132                                                               Psychology

D 16.2                                                                World history (elementary)

D 16.22                                                              World history (high school)

E 175.8                                                               U.S. history (elementary)

E 175.82                                                             U.S. history (high school)

F 391.2                                                               Texas history (elementary)

F 391.21                                                             Texas history (high school)

GB 55                                                                 Geography

H 95                                                                   Social studies (elementary)

HB 171.5                                                           Economics

HM 51                                                               Sociology

JK 39                                                                 Civics/government