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CHEM 2119: Lab Methods in Organic Chemistry

Finding articles and chemical properties.


If you just need articles, you can search through the ACS Journals.

Scifinder Scholar

You can also find articles in Scifinder Scholar. It also includes reference information for substances, including chemical properties. Both of these skills will be used in future experiments.

Before using Scifinder, please register here.


  • Focus on specific document types more likely to be primary sources. Under the search box, open the Advanced Search options, then select clinical trialconferencejournal, and report.
  • On the search results page, the Sort by options can be helpful. Select Publication Year to get the most recent articles at the top of the list. Select Citing References to get the most cited articles at the top of the list.
  • The Sort by options can only be used if you have fewer than 20,000 search results. If the Sort by options are grayed out, use the Refine options to focus your search until you have fewer results. Try refining by Language and Publication Year.
  • Click an article title to read the complete abstract. Look for descriptions that indicate the article is a primary source.
  • SciFinder Scholar is not a full-text database. It does not include article PDFs. Use the Other Sources links on the research results page or the Link to Other Sources button on the reference details page to help find full text. See below in another box for more information.

Finding the Full Text Articles

Scifinder Scholar includes only article citations. It does not host the actual articles.

To find articles use the Other Sources or Link to Other Sources buttons, which link you to the library's Journal Finder.

In the Journal Finder, you may have several options. The most helpful options are these:

  1. Look for links under the heading Resources Located for this Citation. These links should take you directly to the citation.
  2. If #1 doesn't link you directly to a PDF, use the Request this item through Interlibrary Loan link to request a copy of the article.