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HIST 2441: Cities and Citizenship in Latin American History

This is a course specific guide with resources and information related to cities and citizenship in Latin American history.

Where do I begin?

Here are a few preliminary things to begin: 

  • What is the assignment? What are you being asked to do? What kind of information do you need to find? 
    • WHERE does that information exist?
  • Pick a topic
    • Brainstorm everything you already know (or think you know) about that topic.
  • Ask yourself "What do I want to know?" or "What am I curious about?"
  • Think about where background information might be...
    • biographies
    • encyclopedia entries
    • books or ebooks
    • magazine articles
    • news articles
    • podcasts
    • artwork
    • scholarly materials
    • criticisms

NEXT, BRAINSTORM (or concept mapping)

  • use the free version for up to three maps
  • Create a t-chart in your notebook
  • Draw it out
  • Use Google Jamboard and digital sticky notes

Now you have a topic, a brainstorm of keywords, and a general idea of what you are looking for. Let's practice searching: 

  • My topic: Crime in Mexico City

Choose one of these databases to practice this search.