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Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT

An overview of AI tools, resources, assignment ideas, and more.

What can Chat GPT do?

Using Chat GPT: Pros and Cons


  • accessibility: students can ask questions, seek clarifications, and more
  • engagement: Chat GPT is entertaining
  • diversity (pro and con): can expose students to different perspectives and cultures BUT it also has its own biases. 
  • innovation: Chat can inspire students to explore new ideas and possibilities


  • accuracy: Chat GPT is not 100% reliable. It has been known to give fake sources and false information
  • ethics: ethical questions abound; how do we find balance?
  • dependency: students might develop too much confidence using Chat and they might lose their initiative or drive if Chat is seen as a shortcut


  • Educate: students need to know the nature, capabilities, limitations, and implications of Chat GPT
  • Evaluate: students need to be able to evaluate source quality and credibility in order to recognize the problems with technological tools
  • Regulate: we have to have rules and guidelines for using Chat GPT. When is it appropriate? Relevant? Reasonable?
  • Balance: How can we use Chat GPT along with other tools and resources? We need to teach students this balance.

See Chat GPT being used in the video below (1:25 min mark)


Chat GPT Explained