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Guide for Remote Learners and International Students

The COVID era has brought significant challenges for remote learners, especially international students. This page offers guidance to faculty on extending resource access to these students.

What Are Some of the Challenges?

  • Traditional print materials on reserves are not accessible by students off-campus; in addition, physical reserves materials need to be quarantined for 72 hours between uses which limits use even for on-campus students
  • Scanning print is very limited due to copyright issues
  • Ebooks are not always available for the library to purchase
  • Ebooks part of a subscription package may be removed by the publisher
  • Textbooks (print or electronic) are no longer being purchased by the library to place on reserves


Therefore, it is important for instructors to check ahead of time regarding access to titles they expect remote and specifically overseas students to use during the semester.

International Students

Students in international locations may face additional obstacles, such as:

  • Inability to purchase required materials on their own - that is, they may not be able to purchase an ebook because of licensing restrictions
  • Inability ship a print copy to their home country due to their countries' quarantine practices
  • Internet access restrictions in their home country