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Digital Tech & FYE Librarian

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Audrey Stewart
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Welcome box

This guide is for Trinity library employees who make libguides.

Here is some text explaining the purpose of the guide, how to use the guide, and maybe a link to a liaison calendar if that is applicable.

  • Maybe you include that this is a small collection of library resources selected by a subject librarian.
  • Examples of welcome boxes can be found in these guides: 

Our guides:

  • be simple and clear.
  • write for the web (and for everyday users, not library professionals)
  • use lists when applicable
  • use headings when applicable: h3 to start and move to h4 if creating an outline. The guide is automatically h1 and the box is h2. 
  • be mindful of dates and people (that have passed or are no longer here)
  • links need to open in a new tab
  • images should be uploaded using the rich text editor media tools and should have alt text captioning (unless it is purely decorative)
  • embedded videos need closed captioning