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GEOS 1406: History and Evolution of Life

Guide to sources for your term paper.

Journal Articles

These databases will guide you to journal and magazine articles related to the geosciences. 


Trinity's primary database for the geosciences, this includes citations, abstracts, and some full text articles of United States and international materials in geology and the earth sciences.


For the non-major, this database may be most useful in providing the full text of articles from many core journals in the geosciences.  These peer-reviewed journals are indexed, linked, and inter-operable with GeoRef.

Academic Search Complete

A multidisciplinary index to scholarly and popular publications, including titles in the geosciences.  Many full-text articles. 


This indexes scholarly journals in paleontology, as well as titles in the general sciences.  While its coverage goes back to the 19th century and provides access to many classic articles, the most current 3-5 years of the journals it archives are usually excluded.  Includes full text of all articles.


Look for articles that provide a broad overview of your topic.  With an emphasis on the sciences and technology, this database will include many articles that are very specific and/or too advanced for your needs.  Ask for help if it seems too complicated!