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Trinity University's Open Access Policy for Faculty: Open Access at Trinity

Provides a description of the OA policy, guidelines for negotiating with publishers, and steps to deposit your article in our repository.

Open Access at Trinity

The Trinity University Open Access Policy encourages faculty authors to retain non-commercial copyright for their scholarly publications and provides them with the means to negotiate those rights with their publishers. Additionally, Open Access facilitates the sharing of peer-reviewed research through Trinity's digital repository (Digital Commons @ Trinity), which provides broad, free access to a faculty author's scholarly work.

The Open Access Policy at Trinity depends for its effectiveness on faculty authors granting to the university permission to upload digital copies of their scholarly publications to Trinity's digital repository. This website provides information on how to retain non-commercial copyright for your scholarly publications and how to submit copies of your publications to Trinity's digital repository.


Trinity University Open Access Policy Statement


Open Access Myth-Busters


Digital Commons @ Trinity

Funding for Open Access Submissions

The Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs: Budget and Research has approved the creation of a small fund ($12,000 for 2013-14) to support submission fees to open access journals. Trinity funds should not be used to pay OA fees to commercial publishers.  OA access to articles published in traditional journals preferably should be handled with an author's addendum.  Faculty should consult with their department's library liaison to ascertain the OA policies of the journal in question and receive verification that the journal is truly an open access journal. Faculty are encouraged to inform the AVPAA:BR as soon as possible of their intent to publish in an open access journal, or immediately after an article's submission, so that the AVPAA:BR can accurately manage the budget and plan for future resource allocation.

Open Access Faculty Committee

Please feel free to contact any of the following current members of the Open Access Faculty Committee with questions or concerns about Trinity's Open Access Policy:

Michael Hughes, Chair, Coates Library, x. 8171

Troy Murphy, Dept. of Biology, x. 8916

Kathy Surpless, Dept. of Geosciences, x. 7365

Matt Hibbs, Dept. of Computer Science, x. 7482