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Health Care Administration: Statistics and Spatial Data

Selected resources for our graduate courses in HCAD

Data Sources and Tools


PolicyMap is an online data and mapping tool that provides access to data about communities and markets across the US. Use it for research, market studies, business planning, site selection, grant applications and impact analysis. Links to how-to videos:

Overview       |         Creating Reports      |       Creating 3-Layer Maps

 County Health Rankings and Roadmaps

Uses data from other sources to compile clean and updated county health snapshots, using a broad range of community indicators.

American FactFinder (Census Bureau)

Best comprehensive data source for demographic, social, economic, and geographic data on the US population, with one exception: Population projections (future growth) are not usually not available. For projections, Google state or locally-calculated numbers.


Access to health statistics and information on # of discharges, cost per patient, emergency room visits, and other major health utilization measures. Available by state and county (in most cases).

NOTE: Many CHNAs also rely on locally-prepared data from city, county, or statel-level health departments. Here is an example of data from the Texas Dept of State Health Services.

Additional Data Sources

Kaiser Family Foundation

A non-profit that focuses on researching national health issues at the national level. They do some of their own data collection and use it in conjunction with other publicly available sources, such as Census data. They also do reports that help contextualize data, such as this article on Social Determinants of Health (see figure below for a snapshot).

Class Slides


Important health-related statistical terms.