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ARTD 1313: The Archaeology of Ancient Egypt: Get Started

This guide includes resources and suggestions essential to completing your research for Professor Mark Garrison's "The Archaeology of Ancient Egypt."

Luxor Temple

Finding "Primary" Publications

While you may not be able to visit many of the sites and monuments discussed in this class, you can read and reference the "primary publication" that fully documents the site/monument.  These are often included in "site reports" or a "final" publication of a site.  Smaller objects (such as scupltures) may be documented in a journal article as its "primary publication."

Here is a beginning strategy to determine the primary publication for your subject. PLEASE...keep notes of articles or books that you use to locate the primary publication, as these may be useful in your preliminary bibliography of specialized literature.

1.  Search the Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt.  Find entries that are focused on or related to your topic.  Use the bibliographical ciations to make note of specific texts that deal with your topic.  Compare multiple articles to see if the same source is repeated in different bibliographies.

2.  Search the OEB: Online Egyptological Bibliography.  The results for your search will be ordered from newest to oldest publication.  Change this order from oldest to newest and begin examining each of the oldest citations on your topic.  Some of the titles may be in a foreign language.  You can translate these using an online translator or use context clues to determine the scope and breadth of the text.  

3.  Search the JSTOR database.  JSTOR includes the full-text for the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology and other relevant titles.  Compare the bibliographies of several texts available in JSTOR, and note the repetition of early publications on your subject.

4.  Search the Library Catalog.  After locating possible options in the sources listed above, attempt to locate potential primary publications using the library catalog.  While the collection does not contain every primary publication on ancient Egyptian archaeology, many of these are available (in the Stacks, on Reserve, or in Special Collections).

5.  Search WorldCat.  If the primary publication on your topic is not available in our library, use this database to locate the text from another library.  Once you find the title, click on it and look for the "Send Request to Illiad" link.  This will allow you to place a request to borrow the item from another library.

Borrowing Items from Another Library


Use the link above to borrow books, articles, media, and more from other libraries.  Remember to allow additional time for materials that must be received in the mail.