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PLSI 3346: War and Alliance

This guide is intended to help students preparing for the World War I roleplay in Professor HJ Yoo's course in Fall 2014.


"It is January 1919. The Armistice was signed late last year. You are part of a delegation representing
Russia, Germany, Austria-Hungary, France, or Great Britain at the San Antonio peace conference.  You
will speak before the other nations to discuss the causes of war and defend your country’s actions."

This is a different kind of research than what you've gotten used to at Trinity. You might find that you will need to be more creative, and, perhaps, more expansive in your research. Simply using familiar databases will not suffice. There is a LOT of information out on the free web about the First World War (especially given that this is its centennial anniversary), so be aware of what sources you're using and whether you feel they are credible.

This guide is a simple list of links and suggested places for you to begin your research. You have been given the prompts for the four mjaor research tasks you have. Time to begin!