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Coates Library Orientation Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to Coates Library

We're glad you're here! We want you to feel comfortable in the library and have a sense of the building layout, resources, and services. Contact us if you have questions about something specific not covered in this tour.

How the tour works

1. You are going on a scavenger hunt around the library.

2. All you have to guide you are the pictures below. Your task is to find the location where each picture was taken. Go in any order you'd like!

3. Near the picture's location, you will find a QR code. Scan the QR code to learn more about the library.

4. When you're finished, click the bottom box to take a quick survey, which will enter you to win a GrubHub gift card.

5. Need help? Just return to the entrance and ask at the desk.

Pictures & Hints

4th floor...go alphabetically

picture of PQ call number sign on bookshelf  

Main floor office

Office room nunber with blinds behind it

Main floor entrance

Hanging sign that reads, "circ"

2nd floor art and study

  art work on wall behind lamp base

2nd floor set of doors

room number 208 

Main floor, through the tiger door

                text reads click to finish