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Tech Tools and Tips

This guide provides an overview of a variety of tools for creating and editing video, audio and print materials. In addition, tools to help with research and organization are also included. Check back periodically for updates.

Audio Editing

Whether you are podcasting, creating original music, or editing audio for a video, there are some great tools available to get started. 

Audacity - Audacity is a free, open source audio editing tool that works with Windows, Mac and Linux. 

GarageBand - GarageBand is available on the Mac operating system and is free to use. This tool comes with sophisticated mixing options, digital musical instruments and sounds.

Adobe Audition - Adobe Audition is a professional audio editing tool that allows you to edit, record, mix, and restore audio. Adobe Audition is not free but is available in all computer labs on campus.

For help getting started with a podcast, consult the Podcasting Section of this guide.