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THTR 3330: Dramaturgy

A guide to resources that may be helpful in creating your exhibit

Using ArcaSearch to Search the Trinitonian & Mirage

ArcaSearch is the online platform that we use to host digitized copies of the Trinitonian (Trinity's student newspaper), the Mirage (Trinity's annual yearbook), and the annual Course of Study Bulletin. These publications can be searched by clicking this link. The tutorial below contains detailed instructions on using ArcaSearch when researching your topic. 

Getting Started

banner image showing students reading old yearbook

Click the image above to access ArcaSearch. These directions were written using a Windows operating system on a desktop computer. We do not recommend using a tablet or mobile phone to access this database. 

On the landing page, click the blue button to open a new search window:

screen capture of "click to enter" button

You may need to disable your pop-up blocker, or click "Allow pop-ups from this site" when prompted.  A new window will open with the search interface; for best results, maximize this window. A "help" window may open as well; this page may contain some helpful information, but can be closed. 


Keyword Searching

On the left hand menu, users can limit their search to a specific publication, increase the number of search results, and change the sort order of search results. The top menu has a box to enter search terms, and drop down menu(s) to limit the date range for the search. Click the "search" button on the top menu or bottom of the left menu to conduct the search. 

Annotated image of search screen

Hover over search results to see a preview; click on a result to enlarge. To return to your search results, click "Show Form" on the top left hand corner of the screen. 

screen capture indicating Show Form button location


For most users, we recommend using the "Any Words" or "Phrase" search type, accessible in the left hand menu. "Any Words" will operate like a standard keyword search; "Phrase" will search for an exact phrase (such as a name), and should be used without quotation marks. 

Another option for more advanced users is a Boolean search. Boolean searches are helpful when you are trying to limit your results to very specific things. Boolean searches use words like "and," "or," and "not" to make complex searches. 

Boolean Search Term Example Explanation
apple and orange both apple and orange must be present
apple or orange either apple or orange must be present
apple w/5 orange apple must occur within five words of orange
apple pre/5 orange apple must occur five or fewer words before orange
apple not w/5 orange apple must not occur within five words of orange
apple and not orange only apple must be present


Browsing Full Issues

To browse a specific issue: 

  1. Select the publication (Trinitonian, Mirage, or Course of Study Bulletin) from the drop down menu on the left. 
  2. Using the date dropdown menus, select the specific issue. 
  3. Click on the newspaper icon to browse the entire volume. 

Screen capture indicating steps to browse full issues

Downloading Results

ArcaSearch uses Adobe Reader to embed search results in the page. The button to download may appear differently, depending on which version you have installed. For most users, a download button will appear at the top of the page, allowing you to download the page as a PDF file. 

screen capture indicating how to download pdfs