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StoryLab: HIST 3391 / SOCI 3392

Design Considerations

  • Fonts - Try to keep it to no more than 2 different fonts on a site.
  • Colors  - Use available templates when possible. Consider color groups – complimentary, contrasting colors, etc.
    • Too many fonts and colors can result in the “rainbow effect” in which the overwhelming variation disorients and possibly creates a negative aesthetic impression of visual chaos. Consider using a color calculator to coordinate colors.
  • Accessibility Issues – consider designing your site for *all* users.
    • Are the colors contrasted enough, have you avoided red/green or blue on blue issues?
    •  If you are using videos is there closed captioning available?
    • For audio files, are you providing a transcript or at least a summary in case someone is unable to listen?
  • Sizing images – be sure you keep in mind that you will be limited on the amount of content that you can upload to several of these systems. You will want to reduce the size and compress images. Images for screens do not need the same level of quality as print images. Online tools available for compressing and resizing include:


If you plan to add images, video clips or sound into your website, you will need to make sure that you have the proper rights to include these assets in your project. Do not  just assume that anything found on the web is okay to use. Some items are copyrighted and need permission from the owner. For more information on copyright and fair use, please review our Copyright Guide. For safe options, please consider using sounds, images and video clips from the sites outlined below.


Music and Sound Effects

Video Clips