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Castro Gorfti, SPAN 3331: Intro to Spanish Lit. Since 1700 - Introducción a la literatura española a partir del siglo XVIII

Evaluating Web Sources

When evaluating general sources, especially monograph books and websites, ask these kinds of questions:

1.  Who created and/or sponsored the work?  Establish the authority of the book or the site.  Academically preferred sources come from scientific organizations, appropriate governmental units, scholars with expertise in the field(s) in question, and educational institutions.  (Domain extensions, eg, .edu, .gov, can be helpful indicators.)

2.  How up-to-date is the source?  Determine how current it is.

3.  Are there citations or links to allow the reader to verify the information presented?  Consider accuracy

4.  What is the purpose of the document?  Notice its objectivity (or lack thereof).

5.  Are other sources of information provided?  Look for a list of references.


Distinguishing Between Types of Periodicals