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RELI 2356 The Qur'an

Qur'an: Text and Research Online

Key texts:

Oxford Islamic Studies Online

Choose the Qur'anic Studies tab at the top of the page for your choice of two translations (or view them side-by-side).

Altafsir: Digital English Translations

Also use this site for its collection of exegetical works or tafsirs. The link above takes you to the translations; click on Tafsirs in the left margin to select from the several available commentaries.

AHadith: The Hadith Collection


Research on Terms and Concepts:

Oxford Islamic Studies Online

  1. Use the Kassis Concordance to find all occurrences of particular words in the Qur'an.  The easiest method to do this for those without Arabic is to type your English word into the quick search box; the results will then list each Arabic word that is translated into your English term and list the various locations in the Qur'an where the words appear.
  2. In addition to the concordance entries, scan the rest of the results list for essays, definitions, or encyclopedia articles on your topic.

Encyclopedia of Religion

A major scholarly resource for the field of religion, this online encyclopedia contains articles on key Islamic concepts and history that might be useful for background material on your texts.

Encyclopaedia Judaica

A comprehensive resource that could be useful for other perspectives on issues related to Islam.


Journal articles:‚Äč