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THTR 2310: Principles of Design (Neale)

This guide includes starting point for conducting research in Professor Neale's Principles of Design course. If you have challenges or questions during the research process, contact your liaison librarian at

Use ARTstor

Including close to 2 million images, this database features special features not available at your typical internet image site.  In particular, the ability to focus on specific parts of an image and to create detail images gives the viewer a perspective that is similar to seeing the actual painting, photograph, or text.  

Find Images in Books

Don't neglect to look for and at images in actual printed books. One of the benefits is that the images, themselves, tend to be of a better quality than those you might find online.  Because ink and color can be controlled in a print text, you might find the closest approximation of copies of paintings, photographs, etc. when you see them in a print format.

Some Odd Sources

The following reference books are ideal for intuitive research.  Find them in the reference area of the library's 3rd floor:

Elements of Design: A Practical Encyclopedia of the Decorative Arts from the Renaissance to the Present (Reference NK 750 E48 2003)
Your librarian’s favorite art reference, this encyclopedia organizes images and information about furniture, pottery, glass, silvery and metalwork and textiles by period and offers a quick, comprehensive view of design for the periods covered.

Elements of Style: Practical Encyclopedia of Interior Architectural Details from 1485 to the Present (Reference, NA 2850 E44 1996)
Organized by style, searchers can find information about construction and visual aesthetics of various architectural features. For example, designers doing research on the British Victorian period will find images and descriptions of doors, windows, walls, ceilings, fireplaces, lighting, and more. 

The Pantone Book of Color (Stacks, QC 494.2 E36 1990)
Yep. Just a bunch of colors, but still kinda cool.

Styles, Schools, and Movements: An Encyclopaedic Guide to Modern Art (Ref., N 6490 D4267 2002)
Single volume text offers images, description, and sources for further study on the different categories of artistic work created from 1860 to 2000.

Textile Designs (Reference, NK 9500 M45 2002)
Do you want to find fabrics that show different types of thorn imagery?  Maybe you are looking for images of ethnic fabrics, or fabrics from particular time periods or artistic movements?  This is the reference text for you, and is an enjoyable review of color and design work in textile form.