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Poetry Guide

This guide will help you find poems by subject and conduct background research for your own poetry.

Arranging, Editing and Deleting within Trello


To rearrange lists, drag and drop the list.

Drag and drop lists in trello

To move cards between lists, simply drag and drop the card. 

Trello - Moving cards between lists


To edit a list click the three dots (...) in the right corner of a list to show options to move, copy, subscribe and archive lists, and cards within the list.

Trello - Editing a list

To edit a card, click the pencil icon next to the title of that card.

Trello - Edit a card

From here, you can edit labels, change members who are assigned to the card, copy the card, change due dates and archive the card.

Trello - Edit card options

Deleting Archived Items

Trello gives you the option to archive lists and cards instead of deleting them. This way you can return them to a board later if you change your mind.

If you wish to permanently delete a card go to the Show Menu option in the top right corner of the board, and then select the More option. From here you can permanently delete a card or move it back to the board. If you archived an entire list, you may select the Switch to lists option and send it back to the board.

Deleting cards in Trello