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Poetry Guide

This guide will help you find poems by subject and conduct background research for your own poetry.

Creating Boards, Lists and Cards

When you create a new account you will be taken to the main screen with an option to go through the Welcome Board or to create a new board.

Trello Home Page and Welcome Board

Boards contain lists and lists contain cards. Columns represent lists and you can name them whatever you want and make as many as you need. Cards are added to lists. They represent a specific task and store information, tasks, and attachments.

trello board with lists and cards


To create a Board click the + sign and select the Create Board option.

Create a Board in Trello

Create a list on your new board by selecting the Add a List option. Name it and select the Add List button to save it.

Add a list in Trello

Add a Card by clicking on the Add a card option within the list where you would like to add the card. Be sure to name and save it.

Add a card option in trello