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...but just on Wednesdays.

email overload hovering above a hand

Well before the pandemic, like many of my colleagues I found myself chained to my email inbox for many hours every week. Then COVID came and so much of my work and even personal communication was facilitated primarily with the many emails. Today, I see in myself and others that we continue to operate in a triaj fashion, where email remains our daily focus and draws our energies from other ways of working and “being” in the library.

To encourage conscientious stewardship of our time and energy, I’m asking all library staff and faculty to refrain from visiting their inboxes from 8am Wednesday morning until 8am Thursday. While a longer stretch might have greater results, I know for certain that taking a breath midweek and refocusing will have a positive impact in the short term, and ideally the long term as well.

While we may not be reading or returning emails received on Wednesdays, we will be looking forward to meetings in person and even by phone.

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