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BIOL 3457 / NEUR 3457: Neurobiology

Need to Find Current Literature?

One really useful way to find current articles is "citation tracking".  Scopus is our primary database for science literature and makes citation tracking easy.  You can follow citations forward or backward. 

1) To follow citations backward: If you find an article useful for your topic, you can look at their references to find older resources useful to your topic.

2) To follow citations forward:  Use Scopus (our primary science database) or Google Scholar (a search engine) to find newer articles that have cited the article you started with.  To do this in Scopus:

a) search for articles

b) once you found a useful article, click the number that is on the far right of the screen (see screenshot to the left).  This new list is a list of all the articles in Scopus that have cited the article you started with.

3) You can also use "cited by" as a way to approximate the impact of a particular article. 

Scopus Citation Tracking