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EDUC/ENVI 3310: Natural Environment and Well-Being

  • Identify the Census tract/s for areas that you want to explore. These can be found in ParkScore by clicking on individual tract areas, or in Policy Map by using the "boundaries" feature in the "new maps"/beta version.


  • Make sure you use the library website to access Policy Map, or you will not have full access to the data.


  • When you have your Census tract area/s, use Policy Map to generate a report of socioeconomic and demographic data for this area. This will be much easier and faster than looking at individual variables. To generate a report, click on a census tract area on the map and select "community profile" > generate report.


  • Look at Google Earth and even real estate apps to better understand the built environment in your selected area.


  • For ParkScore, make sure you uncheck the box for "park priority" areas if you want to view other demographics on the map. It will be difficult to see the shading if you leave the default priorities checked.