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COMM 1301: Mass Media

I’ve Got an App for That!

Your task: write a detailed narrative for a professional media product pitch. Your paper must include five sections and a minimum of ten sources to support your contentions.

  1. Description
    • What makes your app unique? What are its most compelling features?
    • Is the content static or regularly updated? Implications thereof?
    • Can its contents be accessed through other means? 
    • Does your app benefit from any synergies (or vice versa)?
  2. Target Market
    • Which demographics are you targeting?
    • What is the average income of your target market?
    • What are the psychographic or lifestyle indicators of your target audience?
    • What information would you want to collect from your target audience? Why?
  3. Market Analysis
    • How many similar apps exist? How open is the market for your product?
    • Who are your primary competitors?
    • Which competitors are especially well established or entrenched?
  4. The Business Model
    • Do you hope to profit from your app? If so, how?
    • What are the constraints of your business model? 
    • How much can you reasonably plan to earn within the first 12 months after launch?
  5. The Sell
    1. Summarize your major points in a persuasive manner. 
    2. Why should I fund your app over all others?
    3. Why would it be beneficial to do so?