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COMM 1301: Mass Media

I’ve Got an App for That!

Your task: write a detailed narrative for a professional media product pitch, i.e., get that VC moola. Your paper must include five sections and a minimum of ten citations that support your contentions.

  1. Description
    • Why is your app unique? How is it different than what currently exists?
    • What is its greatest selling feature? Why do we need it?
    • Is the content static or does it need regular updating?
    • Can it be accessed through other digital distribution windows? 
    • Is there synergy that benefits your app?
  2. Target Market
    • What is the age of your target market?
    • Does your target market encompass a specific race, ethnicity, or gender?
    • What is the average income of your target market?
    • What are the psychographic indicators of your target audience?
    • What are the lifestyle indicators of your target audience?
    • What information would you want to collect from your target audience? Why?
  3. Market Analysis
    • How many similar apps exist? 
    • Are they popular? How do you know?
    • Is there room for entry into this market? How established are the players?
    • Who do you see as your primary competition? (doesn’t have to be a similar product)
  4. The Business Model
    • How will your app make money?
    • What are the constraints of your business model? 
    • How much can you reasonably plan to make in profit within the first 12 months after the product launch?
  5. The Sell
    1. Summarize the major points you made above in a persuasive manner. 
    2. Why should I fund your app over all others?
    3. Why would it be profitable to do so?