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Legislatures in the United States

This guide is intended to help you prepare for your paper assignments in PLSI 3305 (Professor Tom Hayes).

Welcome to the Congress

US Capitol Building

U.S. Capitol Building, Washington, DC. (2008)

Photo credit: Jonathan Colman (jcolman) on Flickr.

Time to do research! Are you psyched?

Welcome to the research guide for PLSI 3305: Legislatures in the United States. This guide will primarily help you find appropriate sources for your case assignment paper, due October 1. Please don't hesistate to contact me if (when?) you have further questions or need assistance. You can most easily reach me via email:

Information Sources Activity

You and your classmates will be divided into pairs/small groups to help complete this LibGuide.

Each group will be assigned a resource. Together with your colleagues, you must dive in and figure out what you can about the resource, including:

  • What is this resource? (e.g., a newspaper? a magazine? a database? a blog? something else?)
  • Who publishes this resource?
  • What specific types of information can you find in this resource that might be helpful in completing your case study?
  • Where in this resource should your classmates look? What steps do you need to navigate there?
  • What is one of the best things about this resource?
  • What is one of the trickiest things about this resource?

AS A PAIR/GROUP, POST ONE COMMENT on the bottom of this box answering all these questions and any additional information about the resource.

In the "Your Name" field, enter ALL GROUP MEMBERS' NAMES. You do not need to enter an email address.

In the "Subject" field, enter the RESOURCE TITLE. For example, enter "FDsys" as the subject.

In the "Comment" field, enter your group's answers to the questions about the resource.