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FYE: HUMA/Classics

This guide includes sources and suggestions to help you to complete your assignments in your HUMA First-Year Experience course.

Welcome to the library!

To be successful in this class, you will need to make use of the library. Some ways to do that:

  • Get in touch with me, your librarian!  Contact me. I can help you figure out how to cite sources correctly, find books in the library, narrow down your topic to a manageable size, and more. Email, call, or book an appointment.
  • Find scholarly articles, books, ebooks...whatever you need!
  • Learn how to use the library more effectively.
    • What happens when you can't find full-text?
    • How does Google Scholar work?
    • What is plagiarism?
    • How can I manage my citations for my paper?

► Finnie: Library presentation slides

► What topics interest you? Take my one-question survey!

(Jenkins: presentation and warm up activity)