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GNED 3321: Information, Identity, and Everyday Life


Planning a digital project is similar to writing a paper, but for this type of project you will have to add tools to the mix. Below are a few strategies and more tools that might help you with this process.

1) Brainstorm - Take some time to brainstorm about your project. You can collect your ideas and thoughts in one place and look around to find inspiration. Some options and tools that might help with this process:

  • Moodboards – Compile images to help organize your design ideas for your project. This is a great way to organize images, colors, objects and general inspiration for your project. Pinterest and GoMoodBoard can be used to create Moodboards.
  • Outlines -Gather your thoughts to help get your project off the ground. Use a simple word processor like Google Docs to get started. 
  • Project Management Tools - Use a project management tool like Trello to organize your information in a visual format using boards, lists and cards. Use our Trello Guide to learn more.
  • Storyboards - If you are working on a video, comic or photo journal, you may want to use a visual tool to strategize. Tools such as StoryBoardThat and Canva can help you develop a storyboard.

2) Commit to what it is you want to do and what tool will help you do that.

3) Get Organized 

  • Review documentation and tutorials for the tools you want to use.
  • Practice with the tools before you start creating your final product.
  • Outline exactly what you plan to do. This may involve creating a storyboard, writing a script, or creating a website plan. 

4) Just Do It! - Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to create your final digital project. If you plan your project and practice with the tools you will be ready to produce a great final digital project.