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GNED 3321: Information, Identity, and Everyday Life

Digital Tools

There are hundreds of tools available to create a variety of digital projects. You may want to conduct your own Google search to see what is available for your specific idea and needs. Below are a handful of tools that can help you create a website, video, screencast, podcast, game, map, infographic or even a comic. 

Video & Animation

Adobe Premiere - For a complete video editing solution, Adobe Premiere is available in the computer labs on-campus, or remotely using VDI with your Trinity account. For more information on how to use this software, please visit the Premiere Pro tutorials.

Adobe Spark - Free cloud solution allows you to create movies and so much more. Watch the video tutorial to learn more about getting started using Adobe Spark for video creation.

iMovie - For Mac users this is an excellent option for video editing. You may import and enhance video clips, images, and audio. You can also directly record voice-overs and add text and transitions. Watch the video tutorial to get started using iMovie.

PowToon - Cloud solution for creating video stories and projects. Include pre-drawn cartoon figures and various types of animation. The free version allows you to create a movie up to three minutes in length with PowToon branding. 

Podcasts & Screencasts

Audacity & SoundCloud - Record and edit audio using the free tool, Audacity. Share your podcasts using a free SoundCloud account. For more information on using these tools and creating a podcast, visit the Audio Editing Guide.

Screencastify - Free Chrome extension that allows you to record, edit and share videos. The free version limits each recording to five minutes.

Zoom - Use Zoom to record and create a screencast or podcast. 


Google Sites - Allows you to create a website with easy to use drag and drop components and is free to use. For information on how to get started use the step-by-step Google Sites Guide.

WordPress A free and open source content management system that can be used to create websites, blogs, and apps.


Canva - Provides infographic templates to customize and create your own infographic. Canva is free to use, though some templates and assets are only available through the "Pro" plan.

Data Illustrator -  Free online tool used to create infographics and data visualizations without programming.

Piktochart - Online tool for creating infographics from scratch or a custom template. The free version allows you to create up to five visuals and store 40 MB worth of content.


FlowLab - Build games without knowing how to code with this visual game creator. Free accounts allow you to create up to three games with 50 objects.

Programming - Do you already know how to program? You can pick your favorite language and develop your own app or game.

Unity - Powerful game development tool that you can download for free.

Comics & Graphic Novel

Canva - Provides various comic strip templates and assets to customize and create a comic strip.

Adobe Spark - This versatile application also offers a free comic strip maker.

Storytelling & Maps

Knight Lab - Offers a suite of free, open-source tools for media makers. Tools include TimelineJS, StoryMapJS, StorylineJS, and others. Visit the Knight Lab Guide for tutorials on using these tools.

PolicyMap - An online data mapping tool that contains data sets that can be added, layered, and compared. For more information on using PolicyMap, please consult the Using PolicyMap Guide.

Tableau Public - A free solution for publishing interactive data visualizations to the web.