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Coates Library Gift Policy


Gift Policy

The Coates Library has benefited significantly over the years from donations of books and other materials to its collections. At this point in time, the library provides not only print, but also digital and other media information, as well as important study and research space for our users. Library staff look to increase the quality of our collection rather than its size, and potential donations from generous friends of the library are considered with that goal in mind.

Gifts of Materials

Proposed gifts of books, journals, or other items are accepted by the Coates Library only when acquisition of the materials will enhance and strengthen the library's collections.  In the case of large gifts, donors will be asked to provide funds to support processing and cataloging. If funds are unavailable, the library may direct donors to alternative repositories.

Gifts are accepted with the understanding that they become the property of the library to be used for the benefit of the library.  This includes the option of disposal via gift to or exchanges with other libraries, campus book sales, or other appropriate means, including recycling.

Gifts will be acknowledged to each donor in writing, although we are not able to provide an itemized listing for gifts.  Gifts placed in the library will be identified with a digital donor gift plate when requested.

In keeping with professional guidelines and with federal law, the library cannot be responsible for the evaluation or appraisal of gifts.  Library staff will assist you in identifying an independent appraiser for tax purposes.

Contact Jason Hardin, Manager of Access Services, at 210-999-8181 ( or Chris Nolan, University Librarian, at 210-999-7429 ( for additional information.

Monetary Gifts

The Coates Library receives significant support from the university's general fund.  Monetary gifts directed to the general fund may be designated for the library.  All donations of this type are appreciatively acknowledged. 

Those who wish the library to add a book or other item in honor of or in memory of an individual should send a check to the Trinity University Department of Alumni Relations and Development, payable to Trinity University.  We will select a title to add to the library.  You may request a general subject area from which a book will be selected, such as art history, geology, or Southwestern archaeology, if you wish.  The materials purchased may be identified with a digital gift plate, if requested, and included in the library catalog. 

While there is no monetary minimum for general fund donations on behalf of the Coates Library, the average cost of a book exceeds $50.00.  The library tries to match donation amount to price of materials.  $20.00 can still purchase a music compact disc or feature film digital video recording.

Opportunities are available for other donor categories.  All University Associates and Business Affiliates have special Coates Library privileges.  For additional information contact the Department of Alumni Relations and Development at (210) 999-7328.