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FNCE 3352 Investment Principles & Analysis

Search and content tips from class members

Value Line

1.       Browse Research: Specific Stock Research

a.       Quick and easy comparison against industry peers of every size

b.      Quick and easy-to-read summary of performance of the stock and future predictions

c.       Valuation by means of the company’s financial statement that future predictions

2. “Markets” Tab → “Industries” → “View all industry analysis >>”

- Looks beneficial for anyone wanting information on a broad industry, possibly for those interested in investing in an industry specific mutual fund.


3. “Investment Education” Tab-

Quick resource if you want an overview of something you don’t understand or have forgotten

4. “Find Ideas” Tab

“Screener” - Allows you to filter the stock criteria of the stocks you want to be in your portfolio.

“Model Portfolio” - 4 example portfolios for users to see the different types of investment styles and get ideas when building their own portfolios.