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FNCE 3352 Investment Principles & Analysis

Tips from Prof. Suarez's 12:45 class

Key features of each database identified by the class:


Business Source Complete

  1.  climate of company;
  2. market reports, not just financial
  3. lots of "voices" from news,
  4. use the CO company field
  5. save to cloud 
  6. quick overview of the company's standing in the world and vs. competitors

S&P NetAdvantage

  1. market snapshot including various indices
  2. mutual fund screener
  3. specific stock reports
  4. stock recommendations including buy/sell/hold
  5. industry surveys
  6. compare indusries, ETFs, funds


  1. don't try the optimizer (not available with our subscription)
  2. trends, etc. for entire industries
  3. competitors
  4. key people at company
  5. timeline for events, mgt changes, etc. and social media updates
  6. financials and SEC annual reports (10-K)

Value Line

  1. stock recommendations and rankings on safety, timeliness, financial strength
  2. scroll bar at top (use "buttons" at right of the bar): beta, alpha, etc.
  3. commentary
  4. 3-5 year projections
  5. industry and company screening tools
  6. see when VL upgraded or downgraded a rating on a date and look for reasons

Nexis Uni

  1. analysts' reports
  2. custom reports
  3. PDF generation
  4. financial ratios
  5. mergers & acquisitions
  6. bond information