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FILM 2301: International Cinema

In-class Exercise

Read a selection from Michael Koresky's essay, "Pearls of the Czech New Wave." Read the first paragraph until the sentence ending "...since 1948." Then skip down to the section headlined "Daisies: Flower Girls." As you read these five paragraphs, look for references to the kinds of contextual works and events that you'll describe in your annotated bibliography: related works of history, film history, a relevant film and a different artistic or cultural work.  

Writing an Annotation

An analytical annotation allows you to explain the value of a source to your paper. It can help you gain a greater sense of what a given resource can contribute to your argument. Some components of a typical annotation are given below. It may not be necessary to include each aspect. Instead, apply those criteria that best help you analyze a given document. 

  1. a correctly formatted citation in MLA style 

  2. a brief description or summary of the resource

  3. a brief analysis of its argument or focus

  4. the context in which the document was created

  5. a review of the author's credentials or relevant biographical information 

  6. a prediction or description of the text's intended audience

  7. insights derived from the document, which may include an evaluative judgment