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ENVI 1301: Introduction to the Environment

Reading Journal Articles

Reading the scholarly literature can be very difficult.  The easiest way to approach reading these articles is to focus on certain sections first. 

Information on the different sections of a primary scientific article can be found here.  Here are some tips to help you approach your reading:

  • Start with reading the abstract and introduction
    • These will give you a general idea about what the article is about
  • If you don't know what a word means, look it up
  • Jump to the conclusion/discussion
    • This section will give you a broad view of what they found and what they think it means
  • Look and think about the figures and charts
    • Do the figures back up the claims made in the conclusion?  Are there any issues?
  • Read the results and methods
    • Think about whether the figures match with the results and whether the claims in the conclusion are backed up by the evidence presented.
  • Use the references to find more articles and resources!

If you are confused, ask for help!  Your professor and I can assist you.