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Post-Election 2020 Trinity Resource and Response Guide

This guide is intended to help you find information about November 3, 2020 and the days and weeks following Election Day. Here you will find resources to help students, faculty, and staff understand, discuss, and emotionally manage the election results.

Relevant Podcasts

Below are links to ten podcasts that are either entirely about politics or have several relevant episodes to listen to about politics and today's political landscape. Some of these podcasts are left-leaning, some right-leaning, and some kinda-sorta in the middle (or at least have hosts or guests from across the political spectrum). I love listening to podcasts! Unfortunately podcasts can encourage you to stay in your political bubble, listening to only what you want to hear. So try exploring something outside of your comfort zone, or just pick one at random!

All links are to websites, where you can stream the content; all these podcasts are also available on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, and other listening platforms. The podcasts listed here are in alphabetical order.