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Education Subject Guide

This general subject guide for education offers suggestions for finding books, articles, online resources, and more



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APA Citation Basics




Parenthetical Citation: (Author Last Name, Year of Publication)
Example: (Welch, 2005)

To make the citation of the source less distracting, the APA also suggests mentioning the author in the essay’s content so that only the year of publication and page number may be required in the parenthetical reference.

Attribution in text: Author Last Name (Year of Publication) has argued this point.
Example: Welch (2005) has argued this point.

Page numbers are not required in APA in-text citation. However, it is highly suggested that these be included. To include references to a specific part of the text, add the page number or chapter number after the year.

For more examples, see in-text citation and notes.

Most databases and Google Scholar have automatic "cite this" features. These can save time in creating citations (as can web-based citation generators), but they need to be double-checked. It's machine-generated information and only as good as the metadata available.

For examples of correct formatting and guidance, here are three useful websites:

Library Citing Sources Page (basic citation styles)

Purdue OWL (citations plus more about other aspects of APA formatting, such as document formatting, etc.)

APA Style Blog (specific issues and examples)