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Data Support Services

Have Digital Data? Photographs, audio and video files, spreadsheets, text files, and other digital materials? Learning good management of your digital files can ensure that you'll be able to access your work far into the future and save you time.


Does your grant application require you to submit a Data Management Plan (DMP)? Click HERE to: 

  • Learn about DMPs
  • Find out what to include in your DMP
  • Find tools to help you write one

Want someone to consult with you on your DMP? 
Contact Grant Hardaway.


Copyright, license language, and data can be complicated. Factual data is not copyrightable, but representations of it can be (e.g. databases).

A good overview can be found in an article by Cornell's Research Data Management Service Group, "Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights in Data Management".

 Do you have questions regarding copyright and your data? Contact your liaison librarian or one of the library's copyright experts:


Ensure that you can find and access your digital research data* into the future!  

  • Learn about recommended file formats
  • Create a comprehensible file-naming scheme
  • Consider adding additional metadata
  • Backup your data

Go HERE to learn more about these topics. 

Contact Grant Hardaway if you'd like to set up a Data Management workshop for your students.

*Data is almost anything: spreadsheets, text files, photographs, video and audio files, and more.


Do your funders require the deposition of data sets? Do you have data that you want to make available to the world? Begin by: 

  • Searching for appropriate disciplinary repositories by browsing the options HERE
  • If a dedicated space isn't already available, Trinity's Digital Commons is a great place to store data so other researchers can find it, optimized for Google Search.

If you aren't sure which location is best for your data, please contact us! We're happy to help you find the best place.