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CHEM 3321: Inorganic Chemistry (Chandler)

Here are some approaches and sources for your research project.

JACS Citation Style

Below is the general format for citing a JOURNAL ARTICLE in the Journal of American Chemical Society (JACS) citation style:

Last name, Initials; Last name, Initials (etc. for all authors). Article title. Journal title abbreviation in italics publication year in bold, volume number in italics, page numbers, first-last.
Cherian, T.; Narayana, B.  A new spectrophotometric method for the determination of arsenic in environmental and biological samples.  Anal. Lett. 2005, 38, 2207-2216.

Use CASSI abbreviations for journal titles.  You can look them up at CAS's Source Index Tool, CASSI.

For information on how to cite other types of resources using ACS citation style (such as books, web pages, etc.) see: